Technical Requirements for CSPs

In order to use the Arise Platform, the system and equipment policy, detailed on the downloadable PDF, must be met. This PDF details computer, headset, phone, Internet and equipment that is compatible with the Arise Platform. Certain client programs may have additional requirements. Prior to selecting a client program, you will have access to the Opportunity Announcement which details any additional requirements above and beyond the ones listed in the PDF.

You will need a USB Headset, Desktop or Laptop and a hardwired connection from your internet provider. Please note that these requirements are standard and may vary depending on which client you pick to start training with. It is always good to complete the Arise Profile and Background Check to see the list of clients and determine which client require above standard hardware requirements.

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Desktop or Laptop

You can use either a Desktop or Laptop to service any of Arise clients. The computer will need to meet a minimum spec requirement which is a Dual-Core CPU with 2GHZ and 4GB of RAM with Internet Connection. You must be hardwired into the Desktop or Laptop.  If you do not have a computer that meets these requirements, view these available computer bundles with financing available. 


POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is the simple telephone jack in your wall. VoIP is more modern and is
being used more and more by your ISP (Internet Provider) which is providing you a Telephone Line over your Modem.

Dial Pad

This is what you will use to take the calls redirected to you by Arise clients. They are pretty simple to use and take up no space, it’ll be connected to you POTS or VoIP service by the cat3 cable. Like if you were to connect any other telephone.

Here are some important tips to ensure success:

  • Make sure your equipment and systems are compliant with Arise technology requirements. If not, you may not be able to complete your course assignments or service using the Arise platform.
  • Remember: Cell phones, softphones and select VoIP (voice over IP) using USB or wireless services are not permitted at any time, including but not limited to: o Google Voice o Magic Jack o Ooma o Skype