Our team is eager to become the Most Admired and Top Performing Call Center with Arise. Building an engaged team is not easy work. It takes a lot of intent, planning and engaged leaders who trusts his/her team. Having said that, it is not be too difficult either. If done for the right reasons, building engagement can be a lot of fun and is definitely the right thing to do.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to be successful. Our core foundation is built on truth and transparency and we will keep you informed and engaged.

What to Expect:

Support Services – A wide variety of services are provided to help you become and remain successful with your client accounts.

Support Managers – Support Managers are in place to help with your quality and metrics. They will guide you on how to perform better and provide better service to your accounts.

Tuition Reimbursement Program – Email [email protected] to learn more about this program.

Payroll Report Processing – You will receive a detailed report.

Important Documentation – A copy of your client opportunity and SOW is kept on file for the time frame in which we provide services to you.

Research & Resolution – Our dedicated team will advocate on your behalf, researching every issue and providing the detailed feedback that we receive and expediting a resolution.

Administrative Support Fee – At Soluceo LLC, our ultimate goal is to be the most Admired and Top Performing Call Center. In an effort to provide the support and infrastructure necessary for our clients to achieve top performance our Administrative Support Fee to you is a Flat Platform Service Fee of $50.00 per invoice period (Arise Platform fee of $19.75 is included).

Direct Deposit Option –There are two invoice periods, the 15th and the end of the month.

Referral Incentive Program – We are proud to introduce our IBO Referral Program. Refer Another Professional like yourself and earn $25.00 in 45 days.

In order to qualify to earn from our referral program a few steps might be taken:

  • The referral must submit a job assessment review on our company website
  • Add your name on the referral section of the application

If you have recruiting experience and would like to work with us as a recruiter, let’s talk!

Email: [email protected]